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360 Auto Display 10’ Tower Fact Sheet
Technical Data/Specifications:

  • LOAD CAPACITY: 10,000 LBS Four Wheeled Vehicles
  • DIMENSIONS: Length 16 ft., Width 14.5 ft., Height 10.5 ft. (1.5 parking spots)
  • DRIVE MOTOR: Inverter rated 6 Pole with digital controller programmed with proprietary software for Safe Stop Technology
  • SPINDLE: Heavy duty; uses continuous duty Timken bearings
  • RPM: 2.5 Variable RPM
  • Full 360 degree ROTATING display
  • ROTATION: Clockwise or counter-clockwise
  • Vehicle will turn into the wind during high winds.
  • CONSTRUCTION: All steel with enclosed 10 ft. easy load non-slip ramps.
  • FINISH: All colored surfaces are powder coated and available in black, red, yellow
  • FEATURES: Use indoors or outdoors
  • Lifts vehicle 10’ in the air and rotates vehicles 24/7
  • SHINES: Lights up at night
  • ELECTRICAL: Uses standard 110 volt ac with 20 amp circuit and all enclosures are NEMA 2003 Rated
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