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Bill Clifton, Sales Manager Toyota of Killeen, Killeen Texas

Our 4 displays look cool and are eye catching and they generate calls. We put stickers on the sides of our cars with 0 down, etc. and it gets people to through the door. Our displays even make other dealers want one.

John Johnson, General Manager Bates Nissan Killeen Texas

“The first vehicle we placed on the spinner was a Nissan Juke. I thought because the car looks “unique” it would catch someone’s attention. It did. A lady was driving by, noticed the Juke, and stopped in. She said she had never seen one of them before, thought it was cute, and bought it on the spot. Had the car been sitting in line with the rest of the inventory, she may have just passed us by.”

Feel free to use me as a reference if you would like.

Jeff Baum, Sales Manager, Lewisville Autoplex, Lewisville TX

The Rotating Display is great. It increases our customer attention for the dealership.

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