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How hard is is to change out cars?
It is very easy! It takes about 10 minutes to change out cars. If your porter can drive a car on a 2 foot ramp, they can change a car out on the Auto Spinner. Our display is designed for ease of use. Our installation video describes everything needed to know.

How high does it lift the cars?
The platform that the car is on is 10 feet high plus the height of the car.

How much space does it need?
The Auto Spinner only takes up about 1 1/2 parking spaces.

How much weight does it lift up?
The Auto Spinner lifts 9,000 lbs so most any vehicle on your lot can be displayed.

How do I know it works?
Proof is in the pudding! 23.5 months and counting is our average length of our Auto Spinner at their location. Once someone tries it – they keep in. Also, check out the testimonial page.

How long is the contract?
Month to month is available. For the best rate, ask about our 1 year plan – invoiced monthly.

Do I need to turn the lights on & off?
The lights are fully automatic with a dusk to dawn sensor.

How is it powered?
The Auto Spinner needs a regular 110 outlet to operate. This is a very GREEN display, led lights and a low output 1/8 hp motor for the rotating.

Is the Auto Spinner co-opable?
It depends on your manufacturer. Some manufacturers cover the Auto Spinner 100%. Call for details.

Can I put banners on the Auto Spinner?
We offer custom fit banners that are 320 sq ft of additional advertising space for a minimal charge. You can easily change out the banners to match the coop verbiage or promotion that you are running – Truck Month, End of year savings, Summer Sale, Red Tag Sale, etc.

Will it fall off in high winds?
No. The Auto Spinner is designed so that is is like a boat on an anchor. If the winds are very strong, the vehicle will nose in to the wind and rotation will pick back up once the winds subside.

How do I reserve my Auto Spinner?
Simply call 832.964.5290. Our sales department can help you start enjoying the best Auto Display available.

After I place my order, how long will it take before I get my Auto Spinner?
It depends upon availability. We stay real close to 100% occupancy. We are currently going through a huge growth period so new displays are manufactured each week but most of those are spoken for. Call our sales team for details about availability and to get your display.

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