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Rent Vehicle Spinner Ramp
for a week, weekend, month.

The all new Auto Rotating Display “Car Spinner” is a revolving platform that lifts your vehicle 10 feet into the air and rotates it for maximum eye-catching exposure. Vehicles can be quickly changed by your lot staff to keep the display fresh. The 360 Auto Display is safe to operate and is backed a full manufacturers warranty. Rise above your competition with our rotating display.

New installation at Wind Creek Casino in Atmore, Alabama with a round top for show purposes. Installed inside the casino right at the main entrance!

Emotions are the gateway to making a buying decision. Zig Ziglar, a world-renowned sales trainer, explains, “People usually buy on emotion and then they justify it with logic.”

Therefore, appeal to their emotions first and foremost with Auto Rotating Displays.

“Wow!”, “Cool!”, “Now that looks Great!”, “THAT should help me sell some cars!” Those are some of the comments we hear every time we place an Auto Rotating Display at a dealership.

  • LIFTS vehicle 10’ in the air and ROTATES!
  • 24 hour advertising! Lights up at night
  • Keep it Fresh! Easy change out of vehicles in less than 15 minutes
  • Entire system fits in less than 2 parking spaces
  • Lifts over 8,000 lbs so it can accommodate most all vehicles on the road
  • Banner system to wrap base for 320 sqft of additional advertising
  • May be able to use Co-op money to reduce cost to $0
  • Fully insured by the manufacturer.
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